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Origin Garcinia Ingredients

We’ve seen many a good Garcinia product absolutely ruined by the inclusion of a bad ingredient, and while we can’t rule that out completely for this formula, we have a hunch that they’re on the right track at least.  What makes us say that?  Mostly the 60% HCA ratio.  That ratio is typically a good indicator of the quality of a product.  If it’s any lower than 60%, then steer clear.  The 60% ratio gives a good chance that they’re using a 100% extract, whereas if you get lower, or higher, they’re probably using less of the natural ingredient in the product.  

Origin Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

There’s only one well-known side effect to Garcinia Cambogia, and it only happens to some people.  An upset stomach.  We’ve heard people have more luck if they take it with a full glass of water, maybe a cracker or something small to eat.  But again, it’s only some people.  As for more long-term side effects, the jury is still out.  There are a few ongoing studies, but they won’t have anything conclusive unless they somehow manage to test and compile the results from all of humanity.  Until then, you’ll just have to approach this one with the same diligence you approach any new supplement.  If you’re nervous about potential side effects, have a chat with your doctor, it’s usually the right call if you’re ever not sure.

Origin Garcinia Cambogia Contact Info

Looking for the contact info for Origin Garcinia Cambogia?  Here’s what we’ve been able to find.  Remember, this is just the contact info we’ve been able to find, and it might change.  We hold no responsibility for if it changes, so keep that in mind.  Always remember to write down the contact information when you order, it might help save you a few headaches.

Phone Support:

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM,

Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM,

Closed on Sunday.

Phone Number: 866-414-2224

Support Email


When Can I Expect Results From Origin Garcinia?

This is the million dollar question, but unfortunately, we can’t give you a concrete answer.  The best answer we can give you is, it depends.  It depends on your diet, activity level, and other factors.  But if you want results faster, then spend time paying attention to what you eat, and make a conscious decision to be more active.  After all, if you want to lose weight, you should always be burning more calories than you take in, regardless of what weight loss product you’re taking.  All of that said, most people start experiencing visible results around the three week mark.  Those results can be sustained for a long time, but typically we see people take the product for around 6 months at a time. 

Origin Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

This is the last subject we’ll address in this article.  Reviews, they’re a necessity for the internet savvy shopper.  But what if we told you that the majority of reviews, even “user” reviews were flat out fake?  It’s a tough truth, but ultimately the reality is that companies pay money to people from all over the world to post “reviews”, and they don’t have to tell you.  That’s a bad look if it’s spotted by consumers, but for the most part, they’re just treated as the real deal by the casual reader.  Here’s one tip we always tell our readers, look out for overly positive reviews.  They tend to be fakes, or at least paid.  If there is a valid piece of criticism (kind of like us and our criticism of the trial program), then it’s probably an credible source.  Reviews for Origin Garcinia Cambogia have been exactly what you would expect, highly positive overall.

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